European Payment Cards Statistical Yearbook Synopsis

The countries of Europe are very different but generally mature payments markets, with cards issued and acceptance networks continuously growing in most countries.

While this is significantly true of more recent EU-acceding countries like Bulgaria and Romania, investment by western banking groups and the potential for increasing economic integration at EU level make it likely that the maturity of their payments will converge over time towards those of the more developed markets.

The annual European yearbook reports the differences in issuance, acceptance and use of different payment methods at the ATM, at POS and on the internet across the European nations. Further, key performance indicators and notable market trends by country have been added.

European Payment Cards Yearbook is an invaluable tool for Banks, international cards schemes, payment processors, merchant acquirers and other key industry players.

The high quality market data is essential for strategic planning and informed decision making. The scheme-level market data allows for competitive benchmarking at a country and regional level, and helps identify growth opportunities e.g. in markets currently dominated by domestic schemes.


  • Payments overview
  • Banking structure
  • Market Infrastructure
  • Legal Framework
  • Key statistics
  • Card Fraud
  • Regulations

Card Products

  • Prepaid cards
  • Debit cards
  • Charge cards
  • Credit cards
  • Card form-factors
Card Issuing

  • Bank cards
  • T&E cards
  • Private label cards
  • Contactless cards
  • Co-branded and affinity cards
  • Issuer processors
  • Major issuers

Card Statistics

  • Card numbers
  • Card Transactions by number and by value
  • EFTPOS Payments by number and by value
  • ATM withdrawals by number and by volume
Card Acquiring

  • Contractual arrangements
  • Merchant processors
  • Major acquirers
  • Card brands accepted
  • ATMs, ATM Networks
  • POS terminals, MPOS
  • POS Networks

B2C E-commerce

  • Remote Payments
  • Cards on the Internet
  • Advanced Payments

Mobile commerce

  • Mobile payments
  • m-payment initiatives
  • Mobile technologies


Understanding the different characteristics and new dynamics of the individual European domestic markets by country is essential. This European payment statistics yearbook edition provides a historical context for the current state of the marketplaces while looking forward to see opportunities for growth, modern payment initiatives and new business trends.

Don’t let the differences between markets become a barrier to growth – the European Payments Card Yearbook 2015-16 edition provides the information needed to see a clearer way ahead.
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